When it comes to teaching immigration, I have learned showing videos is sometimes more beneficial.  Of course I will teach and discuss with my students, but whenever I started my lesson with discussing, my students didn’t want to listen and just wanted to debate.  They have their opinions and I tell them I am not sharing my opinion, but teaching the facts on immigration from different perspectives.  I have a lot of great videos that deal with immigration, but personally I would not show them all at once.  I like to show them through the different levels I have my students so I can touch on the subject each year and show new and different materials for them.

Illegal Immigration in Eastern Carolina




How to Solve Illegal Immigration

This is a video from the Pinky Show.  The conclusion for their actual solution isn’t the greatest, but the history of immigration is discussed and it makes the students think.  Once again, this is a different view.  Don’t get discouraged by the beginning.

Educating Children of Undocumented Immigrants

Breaking into the USA from Mexico

Arizona Minutemen of the USA

911 Call

Follow up of 911 Call

Mexican Kindergarten Children vs. Minutemen

US Mexican Border

Bush and Immigration

Obama and Immigration

How Many Mexicans Can Fit in a Van (Humor)

The Immigration Debate: SuperNews!

This video has excellent points, but I would be very careful to who you show this to.  You know your students, the age of your students, and the maturity of you students, so you make the choice.  This is a great conversation starter.  For instance you will see the Native Americans refer to the Whites as “Crackers.”  You can then ask what people like to call Mexicans right now: “Beaners” for instance.  Whites/Caucasians do not like being called “Crackers” and Mexicans do not like being called “Beaners” as well.  You can also analyze each character and what their role would be in today’s society, the similarities of what is happening today, what happened in reality when immigrants came to the US hundreds of years ago, etc.