February 22, 2018

El Internado

Teach using AUTHENTIC resources. Te Digo Todo believes in uses authentic conversations to recreate speaking, reading, writing, listening, and culture activities.

EL INTERNADO is a crowd pleaser and students all around the world are learning Spanish by watching El Internado.

But are they:

  • Analyzing and identifying the grammar used?
  • Are they learning the vocabulary used in the shows by given vocabulary lists and quizzes?
  • Are they asked to practice and mimic pronunciation of native speakers?
  • Are they able to read the script and take the time to look up the words they want to learn?

Well, THAT’S WHAT I’VE CREATED FOR YOU and then some. I have transcribed 10 minute segments from the series and created grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking, and listening activities to accompany the script.


Where to watch El Internado:


  • audio: Spanish
  • subtitles: Spanish and English

Order on Amazon

  • audio: Spanish
  • subtitles: Spanish and English

Don’t waste your time searching for the best price. I did it for you! This way if and when the sad day comes and Netflix takes El Internado off, you will still have it for the classroom.

EL INTERNADO – SERIE COMPLETA (nota: en los EEUU cuesta $196 y AQUÍ cuesta $68.30)

¡AHORRA $127.70!