Novice Mid – Listening and Speaking – Learning Verbs and ME GUSTA

NOVICE MID – ME GUSTA + Verbos Útiles
Listen to the following and answer the questions on a piece of paper as you watch the video. You will turn the paper into your teacher. Be sure to title it “ME GUSTA + 10 VERBOS ÚTILES.”

After answering the questions, you will be making your own video. Your teacher will decide if it is just an audio recording or if he/she wants it to be just like the one in this post with video/a screen showing your words. You can use SCREENCASTIFY.

Note: I made a mistake in this video to show you can correct it later. See Disclaimer in video. DO NOT REDO VIDEO OVER AND OVER. Native speakers always make mistakes. It’s okay. Just point out any mistakes on paper to the teacher so they are aware you are aware.