HABLAR – Mimic through Song and Practice the R Sound

Spanish R Sounds Record Alveolar Tap Record Alveolar Trill Record English Speaker Mistakes without the mistakes. Only the Spanish pronunciation. Denti-Alveolar Sounds D & T Record Denit-Alveolar Consonants Record Alveolar Consonants Escoge una canción en español y cambia el ritmo en .75. Opciones La Camisa Negra – Juanes Ni Rosa, Ni Juguetes – Paulina Rubio Read more about HABLAR – Mimic through Song and Practice the R Sound[…]

Novice Mid – Listening and Speaking – Learning Verbs and ME GUSTA

NOVICE MID – ME GUSTA + Verbos Útiles Listen to the following and answer the questions on a piece of paper as you watch the video. You will turn the paper into your teacher. Be sure to title it “ME GUSTA + 10 VERBOS ÚTILES.” After answering the questions, you will be making your own Read more about Novice Mid – Listening and Speaking – Learning Verbs and ME GUSTA[…]

Hablar – LO SIENTO

Escuchar la pronunciación. Vas a copier la pronunciación, ritmo, etc. Debes grabar tu voz y enviar la grabación a tu maestro. Más lento: Estoy fuera.  I’m out. Lo siento, ya tengo planes.  Sorry, I already have plans. Me quedaré en casa hoy. I’m staying home today. Gracias, pero esta vez voy a pasar. Thanks, but I’m gonna Read more about Hablar – LO SIENTO[…]


How is El Internado beneficial in the following ways: Language Speaking Listening Vocabulary Word Order Grammar Culture Food Families Dress Boarding Schools in Spain Relationships Jobs History Economy Sports/Exercise Respect Student Expectations Clima Pre-Plan what you will say Record yourself telling why El Internado is beneficial with a 2 minute recording. When you are done Read more about ¿Por qué EL INTERNADO?[…]