How Often do Europeans Speak Spanish?

How Often do Europeans Speak Spanish?

The Eurobarometer 386 survey organized by the European Commission gave us a lot of insight into language-learning habits and abilities Europeans. One of the questions asked was “How often do you use your English?”

The participants could choose from the following options: “Every day/Almost every day”, “Often but not on a daily basis”, and “Occasionally”. To visualize the data, I have assigned numerical values to these answers: 10 to the first option, 5 to the second option, and 1 to the last option. The numerical value can be roughly thought of as “how many days within within a 10-day interval do you use your English?”

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j europeans use English

Of course, the data apply only to people who already speak some English. If we also include people who do not speak any English at all and assign the value “0” to them, most of the figures will become significantly lower:

europeans using English including non-speakers


  1. ¿Cuánto usas tu español?
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