Crepúsculo Eclipse is coming June 30th!  The students will love this!  This one is the Spanish version of the Eclipse Trailer. This is the English version of Eclipse, however you can still get creative with your students.  You can have them use the subjunctive and what they hope the movie is like or their doubts about Read more about Crepúsculo[…]

No Soy Abusadora

No Soy Abusadora Hoja de Trabajo – No Soy Abusadora For those of you who have seen “La Misma Luna” will like this one.  This is from the scene in the kitchen with Carlos and Enrique were fighting/shouting the song. Entrevista con los actores en La Misma Luna La Misma Luna – No Soy Abusadora Laura Read more about No Soy Abusadora[…]

Miley Cyrus en El Hormiguero

Miley Cyrus – El Hormiguero Miley Cyrus being interviewed on El Hormiguero.  Miley Cyrus is a very popular actress, singer, and songwriter who is very popular after acting in Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.  El Hormiguero is a great show that interviews famous people in Spanish.  I love having my students watch these shows Read more about Miley Cyrus en El Hormiguero[…]